Values and Goals

Decentralize Currency Assets

DCA has started with a simple website and a basic system in which members of the community utilizes it to engage in social media like facebook, twitter and telegram just to mention a we are getting bigger and better.

Our community is focused in ecosystem primarily in charity works, health care and community development. Along with that, we offer bartering, token creation and special services for our business partners and merchant clients or individuals for advertising their products to help enhance their growth for success.

Community members are in different countries of the world, having different nationalities, different cultures and different walks of life, but DCA has brought us together to become a community with a common purpose and a common goal; to make DCA successful.

DCA is a community driven project and is designed for long term. Our programs are awesome and all transactions are transparent to all investors, holders and members. 

DCA is in early development stage, however bartering is already functional and the website has been online. 

All DCA planned projects will be completed in a timely manner.

Thank you for your support.